1984 "Senza molti Emotioni", for electronic organ and 2 synthesizers 8.30 min.sek

1986 "Swing 1", "Swing 2", 4-channel tape 11.50 min.sek

1987 "Etudes about project 1 by G.M. König", 4-channel tape 6.00 min.sek

1987 "TroTropforT", 4-channel tape 12.26 min.sek

1989 "Painted time with fractaled Ravel", 4-channel tape 22.10 min.sek

1990 "Too late", 2-channel tape 54.00 min.sec

1991 "Pas Moi!", percussion and 4-channel tape 25.30 min.sek

1991 "Ruhrort", music for the choreography by Susanne Linke, 4-channel tape 55.00 min.sek

1992 "Le Tombeau de Maurice", 2-channel tape 17.08 min.sek premiered at the "Frost" Amphitheater Stanford University

1993 "La Cloche sans Vallees", 2-channel or 4-channel tape 22.00 min.sek

1993 "The Gates of H", 2-channel tape 18.07 min.sec Winner of the Prix Ars Electronica

1994 "Ambre, Lilac", 4-channel tape 21.40 min.sek

1994 "Le temps s'ouvre", 4-channel tape, piano, dance solo 35.00 min.sek

1995 "CRI" 2/4/8 channel tape 19.50 min.sek commissioned by Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

1995 "Dele! 2 channel tape 17.50 min.sek

1997 "Phrenos" 4 channel tape. 18.45 min.sec Order of the ZKM Karlsruhe, winner of the "Pierre d´Or" of Bourges.

1997 "Lizard Point", 4 channel tape 18.50 min.sec, "honorable Mention" Bourges winner at the Rostrum for electroacoustic music, the UNESCO order of the ICMA, San Francisco for the ICMC 1997 in Thessaloniki.

1998 "->Thrill<-", 4 channel tape, 19.12 min.sec (24-bit)

1999 "de la nuit", 4 channel tape, 18.12 min.sek

2000 "Inferno of silence", 8-channel tape 23.29 min.sek (24-bit), commissioned by Folkmar Hein

2001 "Nyx", 8 channel tape 27.50 min.sek (24-bit) commissioned by the Institut Musicale Experimentale Bourges, winner of the " Pierre d´Or" of the Bourges Festival of Electroacoustic Music.

2001 "Schatten", For piano and 4-channel tape

2002 "Inferno X Requiem", 8-channel tape, 19.25 min.sek (24-bit)

2002 "Gestalt", for 2-channel tape, dedicated to Francois Bale

2002 "CredoXrequiem" for 4-channel tape

2003 "Gesualdo", for 4-channel tape, commissioned by Musikwerkstatt, Berlin

2003 "Musica di Angelo", for 4-channel tape

2004 "Carlo", for 4-channel tape, commissioned by the Musicological Institute of the University of Cologne 2005 "Drei Arten die Wellen zu betrachten", for Pipa and 4-channel tape, commissioned by the Taiwan Culture Fund

2005 "Repetitions", for 4-channel tape, commissioned by the Festival Rümlingen, Switzerland

2006 "Glasharfe", for 4-channel tape, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, France

2007 "Black", composition for an installation

2009 "flow" for piano and live electronics

2010 "Etude interactive" for piano and Live Electronic

2015 "Spheres of Resonance", space sound composition for fixed media

2019 "Falling" for multichannel fixed media


1995 "le temps s'ouvre" 33.00 min.sek for dancer, tape and piano

1997 "Lizard Point" 20.00 min.sek for video (Silke Braemer) tape Top 50 (ex 1030) at the International Media Art Award SWR/ZKM

1997 "Sound garden" multimedia installation by Christian Möller with interactive sound modules by Ludger Brümmer. (Tokyo and Lisbon)

1998 "La cloche sans Vallees", 22.00 min.sek for 1 solo dancer and tape

1999 "Le temps s'ouvre" 20.00 min.sek for video (Silke Braemer) and tape supported by the Ministry for Research and Science, produced by Interartes Essen, and the ZKM Karlsruhe

2000 "Particels", interactive audiovisual sound installation by Christian Moeller with interactive sound environment by Ludger Brümmer (permanent exhibition of the Science Museum London)

2000 "Insound Out" interactive audiovisual sound installation by Christian Moeller with subsound sound transmitters. Interactive Sound Environment by Ludger Brümmer (Permanent Exhibition of the Science Museum London)

2001 "Medusa" duration 23.55 for video, tape and 2 drummers

2002 "Surfaces" for video, 4-channel tape, piano, violin, viola, cello, flute and clarinet, duration 19.25, commissioned by Modern Art Sextet, Berlin

2002 "Xronos", for 4-channel tape and 3 videos, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Paris

2003 "temps du miroir", for piano, tape, live electronics, video, live video, commissioned by Sonorities Festival Belfast

2005 "Repl(a)y, for 4-channel tape and video

2005 "Repl(a)y", Audiovisual Installation

2006 "Speed", audio-video clip

2006 "Move" for piano, tape, live electronics, video, live video, commissioned by the Ars Electronica Festival

2007 "Shine", for Interactive Environment, Video Triptych and Dance

2009 "Cellularium", composition for Klangdom, for a light wall by Rosalie

2011 "Etude interaktive" Interactive composition for piano and video with audience participation

2011 "Etude interaktive" Interactive Installation (Akademie der Künste Berlin, ZKM)

2012 "Etude de danse" interactive audiovisual installation/composition for a dancer (with Götz Dippet)

2012 "O.R.pheus", music for walk-in theatrical interaction using Augemented Reality technology. By Evelyn Hribercsek, Bernd Lintermann (augmented reality environment) and Ludger Brümmer (sound)

2013 "The noise of origin, the origin of noise", electronic composition for fixed media for the audiovisual work of the same name by Peter Weibel UA: Donaufestival Krems

2014 "Spin", spatial sound composition for Klangdom and 3D video, video: Bernd Lintermann

2015 "Maptory", sound level to some stations of the augmented reality walk

2015 "Tangible Sounds" audiovisual installation with augmented reality

2015 "Spin Loop", for fixed Media, for the video "Marathon of the Animals" by rosalie, UA Lichtsicht Bad Rodenfelde

2015 "Virtual Sound Gallery", installation for interaction with sounds in space (IBeacon, Ipads), programming David Wagner

2017 "Sculpture", cybernetic audiovisual installation UA 6.1.2017 ZKM_Kubus

2022 "Agents" with Yasha Jain, Bernd Lintermann, Dan Wilcox. Audiovisual interactive installation exhibited in "BIO Medien" ZKM


1986 "For E-Lisa", piano; duration: 22.10 min.sek

1987 "Rondeo", percussion solo 14.00 min.sek

1993 "Woodwind", Marimba 23.00 min.sek Produced and broadcast by Deutschlandfunk


1997 "HiAnLo" 43.45 - 60.00 min.sec For tape, 2 players and flute machine, string tub and knife table. Commissioned by "KlangArt 1997" in Osnabrück

1998 "Eclats du silence", for violin and piano premiered by Prof. Cathrine Vickers and Prof. Jacek Klimkiewicz

2000 "Medusa", 23.30 min.sek for 2 percussionists and 4-channel tape commissioned by ZKM Karlsruhe for the EXPO 2000 Hannover in the German Pavilion


1985 "Arena", for chamber orchestra, bass voice and alto 22.05 min.sek

1987 "Function overflow", string trio and percussion 17.15 min.sek

1989 "Resi 'sTrance", for 6 flutes or 3 flutes and tape 25.00 min.sek

1996 "Inner Cycle" for cello, piano and various flutes

2001 "Surfaces", 19.35 min.sek for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello and tape commissioned by Modern Art Sextett, Berlin, a version for video and ensemble is available

2007 "Opus II", music for the film of the same name by W. Ruttmann / ZDF Arte

2015 "Tangible Sounds", collective composition for 15 players, IEMA

2019 "between twilight", for 4 or 5 Midi Grand Pianos, Comission of the Philharmony Esse and the festival "Now"

2022 "Non può sentir dolore. 29.30 min.sek (verspürt nicht mehr den Schmerz), for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Violine, Cello, Piano and Fixed Media


1988 "Riti Contour" for large orchestra 10.55 min.sek premiered, produced and broadcast with the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne under the direction of Dennis Russel Davies at the Phillharmonie Cologne. Afterwards performed at the Kamener Komponistenforum by the Westfälisches Symphonieorchester under Johannes Kalitzke and by the Netherlands Ballettorchester Amsterdam/Den Haag on their Holland tour.

2010 Lines Puzzles, commissioned by the Philharmonie Cottbus